The Algarve, situated in the southernmost part of mainland Portugal, is a region, sub-region, and a historical province. Geographically, it aligns seamlessly with the Faro District, covering an expanse of 5,412 square kilometers. In the 2011 census, it boasted a population of 451,005 residents, accounting for a modest 0.06% of Europe's total population and a notable 4.27% of Portugal's population.

Renowned as one of Portugal's premier tourist destinations, the Algarve stands out as the most significant in the country and holds a prominent position among Europe's top tourist regions.

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The Algarve enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate, marked by mild, pleasant winters and long, scorching, dry summers. Its allure lies in the warm, tranquil waters caressing its southern shores, its diverse natural landscapes, rich historical and ethnographic heritage, and the delectable and healthful cuisine it offers.
These attributes collectively entice millions of both domestic and international tourists each year, solidifying the Algarve's status as the most frequented and one of the most developed regions in the country.

For enthusiasts of sports like golf, sailing, tennis, and diving, the Algarve stands as an ideal destination. Its landscape is a study in diversity; the western coast of Faro is renowned for its rocky formations and secluded coves, while to the east of Faro, expansive lagoons beckon with endless stretches of white sandy beaches.

Recent years have witnessed a surge in the number of visitors to the Algarve, with the British leading the ranks in terms of nationality. In 2016, the Algarve welcomed nearly 7 million tourists, resulting in a remarkable 34 million overnight stays.

While traditionally associated with tourism of British origin, the Algarve has increasingly piqued the interest of travelers from other nationalities, including France, Spain, and Northern European countries such as Sweden, Norway, and other Scandinavian nations.

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To help you discover some of the most iconic and frequently visited locations in the Algarve, we've compiled a list of highlights. Click here to explore these Algarve car hire destinations.


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