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More 11 routes including flights to Budapest, Dresden, Erfurt, Gothenburg, Lille, Muenster, Newquay, Nice, Warsaw, 

Maastricht and Ostend, and 15 new regular services are the news of the operation of Faro Airport for the IATA  2017. ANA Aeroportos estimates that this new offer will increase the number of regular seats by 1 million, compared to  the same period of 2016.
 'The 17% increase in the global supply of seats to and from the Algarve region this summer, estimated at 8.4 million  places, consolidates the growth trend that has been registered, "according to the company that manages Faro Airport. 

 In all, the Algarve will stay connected, during the IATA summer, which runs from March 26 to October 28, "to more than a hundred  of airports in 20 countries'. The number of airlines operating from and to the Algarve should exceed five  dozens.
 Boosting this strong increase in available seats are the British, German and French markets.
 "The United Kingdom will maintain its usual relevance and will be connected to the Algarve Region by more than 30 Airports. Common  expected growth of 15% in the global supply of seats, this market may reach, by the end of the summer IATA 2017, a  of the market slightly above 50% ", ANA Aeroportos revealed.
 The German market will also have "a remarkable growth in the global offer of places, about 26%". In this case,  the new routes from Dresden, Erfurt and Munster, guaranteed by the airline Germania, "configuring a reinvigorated search  by the Algarve as a tourist destination of choice ".
 At the same time, Ryanair will step up its operation between Frankfurt and Faro, "to ensure a new daily service to  this is one of Europe's leading and most important hubs, and will be served this summer by 3 airlines  from Faro: Lufthansa, Ryanair and TUI.
 "The French market, which in the previous season showed an unusual growth in the demand for the Algarve as a destination  will be connected to Faro Airport through 10 Airports and will consolidate a high growth in the supply of  in the order of 30%, if we consider the same period of the previous year. Between the Algarve and France will open two new routes  (Lille and Nice by EasyJet) and 4 new regular frequencies will be launched: Bordeaux, Marseille and Nantes by Volotea and Paris by EasyJet, " concluded ANA Aeroportos.

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